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Wet ‘N Wacky Wednesday

Warm weather and bright sunshine can mean only one thing: it is summer again and summer means Wet’n Wacky Wednesdays are just around the corner. Wet’n Wacky Wednesdays are simply the best way to have fun at church during the summer if you are a child from K –6th grade. This yearly event is our church’s way of offering a non-traditional VBS experience for our church and community. It consists of having games and activities that involve making things and people wet, and having as much fun as we can in the process. There are some skill games like Wacky Water Balloon golf, some team games like the Plumber’s Nightmare Relay, and some… well just crazy games like the infamous Water Balloon Whack! But that’s not all, we also offer children a Bible story, craft, and snack each night as a way of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. This year Wet’n Wacky Wednesday will be held: July 28, August 4, and August 11 from 6:30 –8:00 PM. So mark your calendars now for summer fun and wackiness galore!